CHAMPION: Lootgaming June 2017 Unboxing

This month's Lootgaming box is themed after Champion. Every crate has around 4-6 items inside of it and around valued at $60, but for only $26.95 USD / month. June did come in the beginning of July instead of actually in June which is not uncommon for Lootgaming. And considering last month's box came over a month late I'm totally fine this one came on time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dropped into the Wasteland, the Rift, or anyplace else, it’s your skill and determination that’ll make you a CHAMPION! Take on all challengers with items from Fallout 4, League of Legends, Battletoads, and Brutal Legend!
— Lootgaming


Fallout 4 Laser Rifle Replica

League of Legends Champion Figure - Kha'Zix

Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Button - Red Rocket

Battletoads Belt Buckle

Battletoad belt buckle.jpg

Brutal Legend T-Shirt