ROAD RAGE: Lootgaming May 2017 Unboxing

This month's Lootgaming box is themed after Road Rage. Every crate has around 4-6 items inside of it and around valued at $60, but for only $26.95 USD / month. May's box came really late due to an issue with one of the items that still isn't ready so they decided just to send the crate anyway.

Dark forces. Psychotic clowns. Banana peels in the street. Some problems can only by solved by hitting them with your car! Give into your ROAD RAGE and kick some asphalt with exclusive, road-trip-ready items from Mario Kart 8, Rocket League, Destiny, and Twisted Metal! NOTE: We DO NOT condone solving any problems with road rage. Drive responsibly.
— Lootgaming

Mario Kart 8 Sun Shade

Since it's currently summer and our cars get super hot, having a sun shade is quite nice. And though I hardly ever leave my car out in the sun, when I do it would be nice if I had a sun shade so this is a really nice item to get. A Mario Kart themed sun shade at that, plus it all fits into a storage bag shaped like a tire from Mario Kart.

If there’s one thing we hate more than Blue Shells, it’s when the summer sun makes the inside of our cars feel like a sauna. Inside of an active volcano. On the sun. Well, now when some chump challenges you to a race down Rainbow Road, you won’t have to wait for your steering wheel to cool down thanks to this collapsable Mario Kart 8 Sun Shade!

Rocket League Plush Ball

This game has been out for two years and I have never once played it. This would be a lot of fun to play with on the beach. Or play soccer with. But let's be honest, it will probably just stay on a shelf.

It doesn’t matter if your Battle-Car rocks a pink unicorn topper or giant cupcake antenna, Rocket League takes some serious skill to win. Miss the big shot? Whiff your teammate’s pass? Whatever the circumstance, relive your own rage-inducing moments with the first-ever, squeezable Rocket League Plush Ball!

Sparrow Racing League T-Shirt

This item was not in the crate. Apparently there was an issue will manufacturing so this will be sent later along with another item since it was missing in the crate.

Twisted Metal I Scream Scooper

The ice cream includes the face of Needles on the bottom of the ice cream scooper with polk-a-dotted handle. On the image from the info brochure there is supposed to be a black smudge on it but mine doesn't have that. Not that it really changes anything.

Nothing quite says vehicular mayhem like Twisted Metal and no one embodies the series better than murderous clown Needles Kane, driver of the deadly ice cream truck Sweet Tooth. Provided that doesn’t terrify you and instead gets you in the mood for a nice, cold dessert, we’re giving you this handy “I Scream” scoop straight for Sweet Tooth!

Road Rage Coin Pin

They included PVC in the pin so it actually feels like a real tire.

When you’re rampaging down the road, it always helps to carry a spare tire, just in case you have a blowout. Or need to throw it at someone.