The Sims 4: Recreating Our Townhouse

Rose and I live in a townhouse and I thought it would be fun to recreate our place in the sims as it currently is. Now I could not for the life of me get the scaling of all the room correct or the layout 100% accurate. There are also a bunch of things missing in the sims or not exactly as we have for furniture, but I tried my hardest to make it as close as possible. In the patio photo, the dogs are supposed to represent Pixie and Kiki.


Main Floor (Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room)

My Bedroom

Note all the pictures above the bed are supposed to be representative of my paintings. And pretend around the entire room there is a string of lights as well as my bed is never made.

The Office

Not depicted the room covered in dog toys and bones as these are not available in the Sims 4. Nor the massive amounts of nerdy pictures.

Rose's Room

No disrespect to Rose, but there is always laundry on the floor.

How would you recreate your house in the Sims? I would love to see how you re-imagine your place in the Sims if you do recreate it please tag me using @maepolzine on all social media.