Wonder Woman Review

So I FINALLY saw Wonder Woman, but then saw it again with in a week. 
Hopefully obvious, but spoilers below.
First off, I LOVED IT. Like okay, not a perfect movie but pretty fucking bad ass. I liked the way they introduced the Greek Mythology. I like that this has the young Diana being one who is smart and sassy. Definitely closer to the newer origin stories for Diana. Themyscira seemed amazing and I loved the power in those scenes. Hippolyta and Antiope's sisterly bond is well played as they both want what's best for Diana and think they know how to protect her.  

One of the things that really stood out to me is Director Patty Jenkins decision to have Wonder Woman come to the land of man during World War I instead of World War II and to me it makes such sense. That was the first war that seemed like the end of the world was quite possible, that it may never end. If the Amazons were waiting for Ares to attack again it seems like it'd be hard for him not to show up until WWII. Also, for a woman driven movie it was great to have the timing being during the suffragette movement in London. That was the other noticeable difference from the comics and TV series is that she wasn't fighting for America, hence losing the stars on her garments.

Her outfit seemed quite practical especially in line with what an Amazonian Warrior would wear. They didn't have guns so leather would seem sufficient protection and on a perfect island there isn't the same drive to advance war technologies like the rest of the world was doing. Also her critiques on women's fashion was so great and I loved watching her try on things and see if she could fight in them. Also anyone who claims it's skimpy...have you never seen a Wonder Woman anything before?

Gal Gadot did an amazing job as Wonder Woman. She looked toned and strong and confident. Her delivery of lines didn't seem overly done or campy but true. You could feel the confusion and injustice she felt. The desperation that she had failed the village and the rage towards Steve that he stopped her. The defeat when she thought she killed Ares but the war continued on. I'm so excited to see her continue in this role and onto others. Also that she did re-shoots while 5 months pregnant is mind blowing. 

I really liked that Steve was a sub-plot and a lot of her affection for him came from the bond they formed. It didn't seem to draw focus from the overall story arc and was more intriguing and seemed to be so the audience would care what happened to him. His wry and charm seemed to compliment her seriousness and awkwardness being in a new land. Their whole rag-tag family into the war zone is unique in the commentary. Chief however wins as my favorite. Also, a reminder that who you consider to be the good guys can depend on the time and place.

Wonder Woman gives a lot of the moments many origin stories for other worldly (okay she's from earth but is an Amazon from a hidden island so I'm counting it) beings. She's able to point out the flaws in human kind. She has this ideal of how to save everyone if only they would get out of her way. Commentary on fashion and roles in society. One of my favorite lines was her talking to the general about how he sits behind a desk while his men fight and die.

Sometimes the action scenes went a bit long for me but that's pretty much my critique of every superhero movie. Also BIG SPOILER AHEAD the twist that she was the actual god killer and not the sword seemed predictable. Then again I love procedural shows and have a tendency to sputter out in a joke what ends up to be the twist so maybe I'm not the best judge. Other times the CGI just seemed a little to much but I'm sure many of those moments were made for the 3D and I can't do 3D movies so it just seemed a lot in 2D.

I was bummed that Steve's epic move of taking the bombs up into the atmosphere didn't have a Tony Stark Avengers moment where some how he fell back down and was safe but this is a superhero universe so death doesn't mean anyone is off the table. I do hope they bring him back because I felt like Chris Pine's performance was awesome and he had great timing. 

Now, although I think this is one of the best superhero movies out there, my hope is it's the start of something new. I hope it means we can have more diverse superheros going forward. Until there can be as many big budget bad female superhero movies as there are male without the stakes riding on it things will not be even. (George Clooney as Batman anyone?) If Ryan Reynolds can go from the Green Lantern to Deadpool and Ben Affleck can do his flop of a Daredevil (which the character also got a second chance on Netflix) to being Batman (even if people don't love him as it); then why can't we have another Catwoman (although thankfully Halle Berry got a chance kicked butt as Storm) or Electra. What superhero will Jenifer Garner get to play at her second shot.

Definitely buying this as soon as it comes out on DVD/Blu Ray and will probably be a regular watch.